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Bramley Wickersley Lions (bwlions)
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With the help of local opticians, doctor’s surgeries, libraries etc. Where you will find our collection bins, we collect used or unwanted spectacles and hearing aids. These are sorted, packaged, and then sent to our associate Lions Club in Chichester. Here they are further sorted and graded before being packaged and sent for redistribution in poorer countries throughout the world. You can find out more about this project here. November 2020: At the time of writing, Bramley and Wickersley Lions have collected over 20,000 pairs of glasses for this project.
We have a number of collection points listed below where you can leave glasses and hearing aids which we will collect and recycle. Alternatively you can hand them to us at any events which we are attending. COLLECTION BINS ARE LOCATED AT: Rotherham Hospital Eye Department Wickersley Health Centre Ravenfield Surgery Maltby Optitions Morthern Road Surgery Bramley WM Social Club
We are always looking for more places  to site collecting bins. If you have a suitable location, with public access, and you could accommodate a collecting bin, please contact us and we will do the rest.